Golf swing theory is just that; THEORY. The reality is however that there are 5 “Ball Flight Laws” that must occur at the moment of impact for a truly good shot to occur. That’s not anyone’s theory. That’s just a fact! Master The Perfect Golf Swing shows you with your individual swing how to accomplish all 5 Ball Flight Laws!

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Dear Friend and Fellow Golfer:


I have been a professional golf instructor for 25 years and I am often amazed when people claim that there is only one correct way to swing a golf club.  I mean all we have to do is watch the greatest players in the world play golf to realize that this cannot possibly be true.
So how do you go about finding the Best Golf Swing That Works For You?  Well you have several options;

  • You can go through the gambit and expense of trying out all of the various swing philosophies, different methods or try one of the latest mechanical training aide devices.
  • You can watch the golf channel “Fix Everything With A Slew Of Unrelated Tips Show” (man do I hate tips!).
  • You can go to several of the probably hundreds of golf pro’s in your area until you find the one that you like working with all the while spending a small fortune until you find the right one.
  • Buy one (or several) of those infomercial products that promises miracles in “10 swings or less for 3 easy payments…”
  • OR you can decide to go through 7 very simple drills and exercises that will walk you through an easy process that enables you to find your own best swing – Permanently!


Now I can’t promise you a 68 or your PGA Tour Card, but I can promise you that if you follow the simple steps in Master The Perfect Golf Swing, you will dramatically improve your game and best yet, you will know that feeling of hitting the ball in the sweet spot – Repeatedly! Again and Again! Shot after Shot!

You will be guided through this simple process that will take your game far beyond just your grip, stance, posture, or finger position.   That’s just the same advice you can get from all the other teachers.  Advice that’s been around since golf began.  This is not just repackaging the same old mechanical advice.  It’s a brand new way to approach this wonderful sport.

Now let me ask you an important question. Do you really want to go through a complete swing change?  I bet if you’re honest, then the answer is NO!  And let’s be honest.  Are you really prepared to do all of the work necessary for that major of a change in your golf swing?

Or would you rather just like to learn a few very simple drills and exercises that will radically improve your ball striking and scoring?


You are probably now ready to ask, “Tim, how could only 7 drills and concepts change my game that much? 

What People Are Saying…

Hi Tim,
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you last.  You may not remember me but I was the guy who used to come to the club almost every day when I was first learning to play golf. I remember you gave me my first golf lesson and the day after I shot an 83 after never breaking 90.  I focused so hard on what you said on every shot and it changed my golfing career forever.  I am now an assistant golf professional and am one step away from being a Class A PGA Professional.  I really attribute that one lesson to me being a better player and giving me the hope to get better.  I haven’t thought about that lesson for awhile but when my ball striking got bad I remembered what we talked about and boom 68.
-John E.

You see, my program has its roots firmly planted in a very powerful book. What is that book?  It’s called The Bible.

Now before you get nervous let me explain.  Within Master The Perfect Golf Swing I have been very careful to leave out “preaching”. This is strictly about Golf! But like this golf program for example; the Bible deals in absolutes (not theories).  My experience has been that when we deal in absolutes instead of someone’s theory we will see some miraculous effects!

In fact, a primary concept that I ask students to first understand when it comes to golf is this,  absolutes really do exist.  Whether you know it or not (yet) there truly are only two options available in golf and, for that matter, in life – There’s Right and There’s Wrong.

“Tim, what do you mean?  You just said that there are many different golf swings even on the PGA Tour and now you are talking about Absolutes!”I’m not talking about what “the golf world” likes to talk about so much – which is swing mechanics. I’m talking about the ABSOLUTE TRUTH that:

The golf ball itself is not directly affected by things like our backswings, left arms being straight, what
the relationship of our hip to torso is, our follow through or any other factor except for one.

What People Are Saying…

I’ve played golf since I was 8 years old and I’ve taken lessons as a child and as an adult. I’ve taken lessons at several different country clubs, and nobody’s been able to correct my slice. With Master The Perfect Golf Swing, it was corrected in about 2 swings, which really surprised me, because I had told pros before that I doubted they could fix it. I am just an average golfer, but this system makes it just a lot more fun. It’s simple; it’s an easy approach.


Can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Tim Moore can with Master The Perfect Golf Swing. I’m 62, and was about to give up the game before I met Tim. I was playing with some friends when one of them remarked, “Who are you and what have you done with the real Larry. 

-Larry V.

The Golf Ball Only Responds To Impact!

You see when the clubface strikes the golf ball then all of the information that determines what the golf ball is going to do is delivered.

The reality is that there are five “Ball Flight Laws” that must occur at the moment of impact for a truly good shot to occur.

It’s just this simple; if those five things are happening at impact then you’ll hit a perfect golf shot.

If those things are not happening then you will not hit a perfect golf shot.  It’s not “my opinion”, its physics!  I mean of course you can argue the point, but if you do you’ll still be wrong.  These are facts!

What I find incredible is that as a 25 year teacher of this sport I have NEVER had even a single student who knew what these five laws were.  Never!  So I have to ask, if 100% of what your golf shot does is determined by these 5 things (and it is) then how in the world have you ever hit even one good shot in your life!?

I’m not trying to be rude when I say that. If you didn’t actually know what was required for a good shot to happen then any and all good shots that you’ve ever hit have to be defined as a complete accident!  No, that’s not rude, it’s just true!  That is actually a biblical concept by the way.  It’s called telling someone “The Truth In Love”.  I truly do love my students and want them to experience incredible golf; so I tell them the truth and I will tell you that TRUTH in Master The Perfect Golf Swing.

Now please understand that the power is not in just understanding what these absolutes are.

Anyone can quickly figure that out.  No, the real power is in learning how to get your individual swing to deliver the club like this!  If you think that simply “knowing” what’s right or wrong will actually cause someone to do what’s right, then wouldn’t you admit that not only would we have a lot more really good golfers running around, but our entire world would be a much different place, wouldn’t it!?


The Power Isn’t In Knowing, It’s In




When you go through the drills in Mastering The Perfect Golf Swing, your club will practically be forced into these conditions repeatedly.  Once the right things are forced on you enough times you will quickly begin to see miracles happen with your golf shots. 

It will change from something that you’re forced to do into something that you trust.  Once you see the results of doing what is absolutely proved to be correct, you won’t have to be forced and you won’t have to think. 

It all will happen naturally (without mechanical thought) each and every time that you swing.  And that is the ultimate point.

Perfect Golf Swing

“Reserve every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you’re inclined to do and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing.”

Beh Hogan



Master the Perfect Golf Swing Offers:

  • Zero Mechanical Thought!
  • A process to find your own personal perfect swing.  (No one was created the same, so we can’t all swing the same!)
  • Based on provable facts; not theory!
  • Only seven drills for “perfect” direction and “perfect” contact!
  • Two weeks to great golf; not years of practice!
  • Discover the true secret to consistency (and here’s a hint; it doesn’t come from swing mechanics)!
  • Slicing and/or hooking gone!  Learn to draw or fade the ball at will!
  • Hit the sweet spot more consistently than ever in your life!
  • Add one to two club lengths to your distance!
  • Shoot the lowest scores you have ever shot!
  • Learn the most powerful and incredibly simple method of thinking ever created!

If you look at almost every important motion in a great golf swing then you will see that it does not match up with basic human nature. No one naturally swings easy to hit something far; swings down to hit something up, swings left expecting the ball to go right, etc… This list could get very long.

Not convinced yet? Well human nature (our born with instincts) being the biggest part of the golf equation is not something that I alone discovered.

What People Are Saying…

I always struggled with my mechanics. Now, my swing is so much better and I don’t have to think about it! This methodology really works! 

-Joe R.
I recently started playing golf again, and my old problems, persistent slice and inconsistent swing, were back too. Tim has identified the problem 90+% of amateur golfers have with their swing. His easy-to-visualize drills allow you to see what you are doing, and how to correct it. I have had two lessons, and when I hit a bad shot I can see how to correct it.  Tim’s methods work. My percentage of good shots is improving, and I am enjoying the game again.

-Jack N.


In Master the Perfect Golf Swing we will dwell on this aspect in every single concept that we go through and I’ll talk to you about “transformational thought” and what I reveal will produce results that you can’t help but find EXPLOSIVE!Here’s just one small part.
Let me start you out with one very important “transformational thought” about golf. The entire problem with your golf swing is rooted in one thing and one thing only; your desire to hit a good shot. You see, within the desire for a good golf shot is human nature and the instinctual responses that go with that desire. For example, if you want to hit a 350 yard drive, you’ll probably swing too hard. If you want to hit a ball over that pond, you’ll probably swing up, etc. It’s no secret that Golf is truly the most mental of all sports.  One requiring focus, concentration, commitment and trust in matters (that if you really think about it) you can’t actually control.  Learning to commit to the right thing and trust the result is called FAITH.  And faith is where greatness lives! 
Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not advocating that you hit the ball and pray it goes to target.  In this system I will teach you how to hit the ball and actually know it will go to your target.
Many people are too busy being smart to learn anything new. I urge you not to make a know-it-all mistake and pass up this opportunity to perfect your swing, lower your scores and increase your confidence as a golfer.  
You’re spending your time and money to play on the course and you owe it to yourself to seize any opportunity to truly improve your game.  Otherwise you may as well be playing putt-putt with the windmill.
Master The Perfect Golf Swing contains some of the most prized secrets to a becoming a great golf player. Those advanced secrets that help you consistently make good shots. Shaving strokes from your game and moving your skill from good to great.

What’s So Special about thiS System


Master the Perfect Golf Swing is a 3 Volume System created specifically to help you make consistently good shots and develop the golf swing that shaves strokes off your score and instills confidence to repeat those great feeling shots over and over.

Over 270 pages of Full color illustrations and super clear instructions make it simple to follow along as I demonstrate the various drills and exercises.

In each volume, I take a specific skill set and guide you step by step toward the perfect swing. I don’t leave anything out. If it will make you a better golfer it’s in there.



The Narrow Gate
Sick of that slice or hook?

3Everything that you need to know and do in order to hit the golf ball straight and true to your target.  Do you think that being able to actually work the golf ball (curve it whatever direction you want) is only for really good players but not you? WRONG!  You will be able to hit any shape of shot that you desire once you go through this incredible program. A $37 Value!



The Sweet Spot

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to become addicted to golf?

Want to know what the secret ingredient is that addicts us all to this great sport?  It’s hitting a dead solid golf shot!  Once you walk through these simple concepts you will stop bragging about “the one” that brings you back, and you’ll starting hitting most of your golf shots dead solid! I love this program! A $37 Value!




The Battlefield

Ever notice how everything tends to change from the practice tee to the golf course?

I call the practice tee – church.  Why is a golf practice tee like church?  Well it’s pretty easy to do the right things for an hour one day out of the week while you sit in church.  That’s not the point!  Can you hit those “good” shots out where it really counts?  Done correctly, the practice tee (and church for that matter) train and prepare us to go out and do battle in the real world and on a real course.  Do you really want to shoot lower scores?  Then you have to learn how to take it out onto “The Battlefield”! A $37 Value!



Another Free Bonus Offer !!!!

And as a special Bonus Offer, with your order of Master The Perfect Golf Swing, you will also receive a copy of my eBook, Life Out of Control (a $111.00 value) absolutely FREE. In Life Out of Control I parallel each and every golf lesson with a concept and “a drill” from the Holy Bible.

It is not my intension to try and force my Christian beliefs on anyone, which is such a ridiculous concept in the first place.  I mean think about it, could any human being truly “force” you to believe something?  On the contrary, this program is yours as my gift and completely yours to decide if you want to go through it.  I honestly believe that if you will at least check it out as you go through the golf lessons, that your life will be at least as enriched as your golf game will be –

maybe more!  But that’s for you to decide. A $111 Value!



What People Are Saying…

Dear Tim,

I am writing you from South Africa.

Last night I was sitting playing on the net when I cam across your website, and this is remarkable.

I have had a very blessed life with normal ups and downs. In 2008 I committed my life to Christ and started an adventure that is remarkable. I recommitted to my child hood dream of wanting to play professional golf and entered the local Q School. My circumstances added a lot of pressure on me at the time and I did not play golf with trust at all.

I have been searching for an answer from God ever since as I know that God is faithful and he will give us everything we ask for, in due course. Then, definitely not by coincidence I came across your website last night and I know that this is the where God intended me to go. The word says that if we diligently seek Him we will find him. I know my biggest problem is my mind, I become my own biggest enemy by wanting to take on and take in to much junk. I know I am on the right course because the challenges and temptations have become so much stronger and harder, and yes I fail, but I know that God is near and that I am getting closer and closer.

I have been busy with the Rick Warren Book for exactly 20 days now when I came across your website, so I know I am on the right track. Thanks man!!!

- Gustav

If you’re not consistently making good shots today, then I guarantee you will benefit from Master the Perfect Golf Swing.

You’ll be amazed at how consistently, predictably and easily you can make good shots once you Master the Perfect Golf Swing.

YES, Tim! Send me Master the Perfect Golf Swing.


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Hey…it’s only fair…
You’re my customer after all and I truly care about if you get the kind of results you want to achieve.

If you’re not absolutely convinced that Master The Perfect Golf Swing doesn’t help you improve your Golf Swing, just let me know within 60 days and you’ll get a Complete Refund. No questions asked.


Enjoy the Game, Enjoy Life
PS. The way I see it we all pay for education one way or another. We pay with our blood sweat and tears or we find a mentor who is willing to allow you to benefit from their years of experience. Which seems better to you? I know what I’d do.